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Embrace wellness and
build the healthy,
inspired life you were created for!

“Happiness is not a goal, it’s a by-product of a life well lived.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Corporate Wellness

As a Corporate Wellness Consultant, I provide on-site classes, teaching tools that create balanced health in the workplace and all areas of life.  These classes are a pause to learn, breathe, connect and grow as an individual and a team.  Learn more about my approach to implementing mindfulness in the workplace here.

Yoga Classes

I know first-hand how transformative a personal yoga practice can be!  Yoga meets you where you are at each and every time you come to it.
Classes with me include:

  • Gentle, Flowy Yoga sequences to improve mobility, flexibility and balance mixed with other forms of healing movement
  • Breathing practices to relax, relieve anxiety and create focus
  • Fun in being curious about what feels best to your body and mind
Check out what we have available here.
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Life Coaching

Transform your life through nature inspired habits and daily routines!  Life Coaching packages, as well as One-on-One Life Coaching + Body Movement Packages tailored to you are available.

Benefits of Life Coaching:
  • Optimizing your strengths
  • Feeling amazing in all areas of your life
  • Allowing your spirit to soar!
Learn more on life coaching.
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Personal Sessions

One-on-one sessions are offered and include one or a combination services…
• Yoga
• Qigong
• Tapping
• Shaking
• Meditation
• Breath-work
• Life Coaching

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Why Wellness With Me?

Head to the about page to lean how my experience can help you.

The first yoga class I attended is described here!  

I combine
  • 500+ hours of yoga teacher training
  • 20+ years of teaching different forms of healing movement to all ages
  • Experience as a fitness trainer 
  • My Life Coaching Experience
to offer a personalized program that meets your specific needs.

Explore available services on my packages page and the studio class and workshop offerings here.

Reach out to set up a short introduction call and learn how we can work together to optimize your health so you can live life to the fullest at 320-351-8977 and bhzollman@gmail.com.