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I offer Nature Inspired Healing Movement including Yoga, Qigong, Tapping and Shaking, meditation and more in small and large group classes and personal sessions on-site and in her comfortable, inviting Sauk Centre studio.

Visit the schedule page for Class Offerings, New Moon Circles, Retreats, Workshops and more!  I am also mobile and love leading sessions in businesses, for athletic teams and all kinds of groups!  Let's see what we can dream up together!
A combination of basic yoga poses, wall poses, light sun salutations, core work, breathwork and relaxation with an emphasis on gratitude and joy. You can make the poses as gentle or as calm as you’d like them to be. You get out of it what you put in and what you need for your mind, body and soul.  You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to walk back into your day JOYfully.​

Pilates/Yoga Mix Series
Pilates and Yoga...a fabulous combination!  Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening and toning the body with an emphasis on core strength.  This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. Similar to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility.  Yoga & Pilates compliment each other with focused breathwork combined with movement to create focus in body and mind.  It's fun and feels fantastic!  We will simply use our own body weight and precision in this course, no weights.  Wednesdays 6-7:00pm.  Studio Schedule...Yoga MamaZ - Calendar (

Intro to Yoga
An introduction to the practice of this beautiful thing called Yoga!  A perfect way to begin or be reconnected with the practice.  In each class you will learn, relax, work, smile, laugh and grow wherever you are right now in your life.  We break down the basics so you feel comfortable entering a yoga class and continue to implement yoga within your life as the series ends.  A flowy style of yoga that improves flexibility, mobility and includes tools that can help you feel and live your best.  Enter with an open mind and heart and see what unfolds for you!

Kundalini Yoga
Healing and energizing for the spine, Kundalini releases blocks in the body and allows vibrant, joyous energy to move through!  Focused breathwork, combined with healing movement creates an amazingness in the body and mind you can only experience for yourself!  Fabulous for the neurological and nervous systems and for ageing radiantly!  Flow, Energy, Radiance, Shiny, Light Filled and Fun!  All classes include pieces from this beautiful practice.

The opposite of the yang style classes that are active…YIN is a more meditative yoga that trains your body and mind to focus on the present moment, while targeting the connective tissues rather than the muscles. We hold the poses down on the mat for 3-5 minutes while training the mind to stay present. This practice helps you to release emotional and physical blocks that have built up in the body. A great way to slow down and give the body and mind a break.  Fridays 5:15-6:15pm.  Studio Schedule...Yoga MamaZ - Calendar (

Gentle Yoga
A gentle yoga combination for improving flexibility, mobility, balance, relaxation and some core strength mixed in for any yogi looking to relax the body, mind and soul.​  Wednesdays 10-10:50am.  Studio Schedule...Yoga MamaZ - Calendar (

Animals Cards & Yoga
We start with each student pulling from the Animal Spirit Deck and hearing the messages nature has for us.  Then move into a relaxing combination of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga poses, Qigong, Shaking and Tapping, guided by the breath and tuning into your body and spirit.  Modifications are always available.  You can make the poses as gentle or as strong as you need them to be and will leave feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.  Mondays 6-7pm.  Studio Schedule...Yoga MamaZ - Calendar (

Corporate Wellness Sessions
Bring wellness to your entire organization through group wellness sessions. Increase focus, efficiency, teamwork and connection.  Let's connect to create an offering specific for your business.

Yoga for Athletes
A combination of yoga poses and breathwork for injury prevention, improved flexibility and stability, relaxation and focus for athletes.  Available for teams or individuals in the studio or on-site.

Yoga in the Park
Join me at Brown's Park in Sauk Centre a few steps away from the Yoga Mama'Z studio for an outside class in nature in the warmer months.  I mix Kundalini Yoga, Qigong and balance poses for a gentle mix of awesomeness.  Great for your joints, spine, mind and so much more!  Bring a mat or practice in the grass...or both.  This is a pay what you can based class.  (Weather permitting in warmer months.  Check the Studio Schedule for dates.)  Studio Schedule...Yoga MamaZ - Calendar (
Personal Sessions with Heather In-Studio or Virtual
Heather also offers personal sessions!  Nature Inspired Healing Movement, breathwork, mediation, affirmations, mudras, spirit cards and more.  Choose one or a combination to create a session that will meet your individual needs.
  • Virtual 60-minute session...$93 (Angel number of guidance, support and love)
  • Single 60-minute session...$108  (Angel number of support and encouragement)
  • Single 90-minute session...$150  (Angel number of positive influence and manifesting)
  • Single 2-Hour Session...$193  (Angel number of letting go of what is no longer serving you and moving forward in your personal growth)
  • *** Three 90-minute session bundle...$333 ***
  • *** Three 60-minute session bundle...$267 ***
Discounted packages available to support further growth...visit

Register with Heather by phone, email or messenger.


Pricing and Registration

Registration is done with Heather for classes, events and workshops at, by calling or texting 320-351-8977 or messenger through the Heather Zollman Facebook Page.  All offerings can be found on the calendar page.  Please contact Heather for guidance and answers to questions.  Thank you for your cash, check or Venmo payments!

Regular classes...$15
New Moon Women's Circles...$30

Special classes and workshop prices are in the Facebook Event descriptions. 

YIN Yoga for the Spine

Enjoy this free gift of a YIN yoga class for the spine with Heather

 Studio Expectations

With the Intention of Holding Space for a Comfortable Experience for All.
These apply to classes, Moon Circles, personal session, workshops & anything happening in the studio.
Be On Time  
Arrive between 15 to 5 minutes before class to settle into your space.  The door will lock at class start time.  If you know you have to be a few minutes late, contact Heather so she can set a space for you in the back of the studio to quietly come to.

All Cell Phones & Electronic Devices Are Turned Off
Prevents you and others from being distracted.

Avoid Wearing Scents…Oils, Perfumes & Strongly Scented Hair/Body Products/Laundry Detergent, etc.
Many people have allergic reactions to these such as headaches leading to an unpleasant experience.

Avoid Eating Before Coming to Class
Preferably 1 to 2 hours before class.  This allows for the digestive system to be more relaxed and the experience to be more comfortable.

No Gum, Candy or Anything in the Mouth During Class (Cough Drops are an exception)
Breathing is the most important part of the yoga practice.  This prevents choking.  It’s also a distraction to others.

Remove Loud Jewelry
Can be distracting.

Enter With An Open Heart & Mind
Let Heather Know of Any Personal Injuries