Retreat Testimonials

Here's what others have to say:
"As women, we are always caring for others and wondering what we can do to help everyone but ourselves. A wise person recently reminded me that “We can’t fill from an empty cup”.

I am so grateful that I chose to go on a Sedona Spirit Journey retreat with Heather and four other amazing women. I wasn’t sure I could leave the ”life stuff” behind and enjoy the experience.  As soon as we arrived in Sedona and witnessed Mother Nature’s majestic glory, I knew we had entered a mystical and magical place, and it would be hard NOT to relax and enjoy it.

It was awesome to have Heather share her own experiences and guide us around and through this amazing place, helping us to make memories of our own.

We stayed in an awesome rental home. It had magnificent views of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. There was ample space for us to enjoy the views while we did our morning yoga practice. A nice, large kitchen allowed for ease in packing lunches and preparing breakfast. The big dining table provided the perfect place for all of us to enjoy breakfast together and pull spirit cards that provided inspiration and provoked conversation.   A perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

My biggest concern was the hiking portion of the retreat. I am 67 years old and not in great shape. I was pleasantly surprised though.  Heather and the others in our group were always patient and aware of each other’s needs. We walked at a nice pace, found shade and took water breaks when necessary.  We stopped to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoyed the breezes, which we decided always came just when we needed them most!

We did three hikes. They were all beautiful and special in their own ways. I felt a big sense of accomplishment for completing these hikes. Our motto became, “ We can do hard things! “

I feel our evening yoga sessions were key in preventing stiffness and soreness from the day's hike. Also, I was so happy with my feet!  They worked very hard, and didn’t complain a bit!

Not only was Sedona gorgeous during the daytime hours, but the evening sky was spectacular.  Something you need to experience.

I would have to say that my Sedona Spirit Journey was a brief escape from reality. It was a perfect mix of yoga and hiking.  It also provided personal time and space to reflect upon where I have been, what is ahead, and how I can best manage things.

I will always be grateful for this experience. I will cherish the new friendships I made, and I appreciate the fact that my cup has been refilled.

Do not hesitate if you are considering making this retreat!  You will not be disappointed."
— Laurie Beste, Sedona Spirit Journey, October 2023
I had heard that Sedona is a place like no other in terms of the beauty of the landscape and that is true. I had heard about the unusualness of Sedona in terms of how being there can inspire or recharge a person and I found that also to be true.

I approached this trip with an open mind and heart to whatever experiences I would have while there and came home with a better understanding that I’m on the right path to a fulfilled life journey. This was confirmed to me through my journaling and also in the conversations that took place when the six of us came together in the morning at breakfast or in the evening after dinner.

We all knew that the stories we shared were for this time and place alone. We held each story in confidentiality, with support and with love for what life was throwing at each of us right now.

The morning of our first full day in Sedona I was awake early and excited to see how the day was going to shake out. A yoga stretch before breakfast was exactly what my body needed to wake up and loosen the muscles and joints before heading off for a hike at Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Trail.

The best part of all the hikes, was the people we met and stopped to chat with; people of all ages from all over – Scotland, England, Indiana, Chicago and people from the Sedona area, all of us on the trail together, on a journey together.

The morning of our second day in Sedona I was, again, awake early, but with a sense of calm – a calm excitement! I had a grasp of the day’s agenda and I was ready for it.

We spent the morning at the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park and we hiked on the Thunder Mountain Area Trails adjacent to Peace Park.

It was different from the previous day’s hike in terms of a challenging route to follow. It also showed us that we can figure out a path forward on a trail and in our personal lives.

The time spent in Peace Park after our hike was filled with bird song, light breezes and a quiet that filled all of my senses – eyes, ears, touch, breath, while I wrote in my journal. I sat on a beautiful bench with the phrase “Loving Kindness Is My Religion” written into the tiles that decorated it. I believe if everyone lived by that motto there would be no wars or conflicts in this world. The time spent in Peace Park was the most meaningful Sedona experience for me. I found it hard to leave unique place.

The final full day in Sedona was the day of the solar eclipse – so awesome! Our hike took us on the Airport Loop Trail which was physically the most challenging hike and the most rewarding in terms of accomplishment.  To be able to look back at that hike and say, “We did it!,” is a pretty awesome feeling.

One of the Word Cards I drew was Adventure telling me My big, great, crazy adventure still awaits, and I am diving in head-first right now. I fiercely propel forward, following the path that lights me up.

Seems to me that my big, great, crazy adventure is not awaiting me – I am on that adventure right now. Aren’t we all? It’s called LIFE.

What an adventure this Sedona Spirit Journey has been for me. I am so grateful to have been a part of it with five amazing, wonderful, loving women whom I can truly call my friends for having lived this journey with me.
— Clara Post, Sedona Spirit Journey, October 2023
Taking a wellness trip was on my vision board this past year.  I had the opportunity to take this journey with Heather as our leader and a fantastic group of ladies, including my amazing mom!

It was more than I could even imagine. It was uplifting to be with a group of women who I only knew from our small-town acquaintances, but we quickly had a bond that I think will last forever.

I really enjoyed the routine each day to maximize our days! We woke up our bodies with a 7:00 a.m. yoga session and to get the mind set for a day full of adventure and wonder.

The spirit cards were truly amazing and really bonded our group together as our cards more often than not tied back to the purpose of why each of us chose to be on this journey.

Our hikes were incredible with beautiful views and time to be in nature, and I enjoyed the time to connect with others and be on my own, in my own thoughts. It was also a physical test as we put on many steps, but it felt so good once we completed the trails and looked back in awe.

Our evening dinners were so fun to get to know each other better and reflect on the day and what we accomplished. I enjoyed the many laughs we had throughout the trip!

We completed our night with a yin yoga session that was so relaxing, and it felt great to stretch out and made us feel reenergized for the next day ahead.

Sedona is a special place where you can feel all kinds of energy including calm, focus, adventure, and peace. It is a beautiful place to escape the everyday stresses and to take the time to focus on yourself and rejuvenate!

Heather has a gift of making everyone feel special, connected, and inspired. Her knowledge and presence in the yoga studio and nature is truly a calming and positive force.  I am so grateful she is a friend and part of my life.  I often think that everyone could use a little Heather in their life.
— Jackie Alderman, Sedona Spirit Journey, October 2023