Sedona Spirit Journey

Sedona Spirit Journey:  A Story of Hope, Healing & Transformation Through Nature, Yoga, Journaling and Adventure A Journal for Your Adventures to Anywhere, Most Importantly to Yourself.

About Sedona Spirit Journey...

At 41 years old, I suffered a "health crash".
I was a healthy, busy wife, mom and business owner when one night while watching a high school basketball game, life as I knew it came to a screeching halt. I lost vision in one eye and feeling throughout my body on the opposite side.

Desperate Search
It passed, so I continued on with normal daily activities, writing it off as "weird". Eventually a friend urged me to go to the doctor.
On my youngest son's golden birthday, I received a call with results from an MRI. "You have a spot on your brain."
The following months sent us on a desperate journey to find answers and seek a diagnosis.
After months of doctor visits and specialists calling me a puzzle, they said they were "pretty sure" they knew what was wrong and prescribed mind-altering medications that only worsened my condition.
After trying the western medicine route and losing my connection with myself in the process, I knew in my heart there had to be another way. With a sliver of her spirit left, I decided to follow my intuition.

Sedona Became My Beacon of Hope
Sedona became a beacon of hope in this time. The red rock called to me, drawing my spirit in. I decided if I was ever well enough to travel again, I would go immerse myself in the beauty and magic of this land.
This is a story of purpose, self-discovery and reconnecting with one's spirit. A story of healing the way nature intended.

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Sedona Became My Spirit Journey
I invite you to come along on my journey, Sedona Spirit Journey, in hopes of inspiring you to reflect on your own life.
You are encouraged to reflect, journal, be and grow through intentional travel...if even to your own backyard.
What are the visions you have that seem out of reach in your life?
Simple, intentional daily habits have the power to create them into reality.
The journal part of this book allows the reader to do just that. Tips and tools are included to guide the reader on their own Spirit Journey.

Healing in the Nature of Sedona
My story is proof that healing is available and all around us in the natural elements.
Pausing and paying attention to what our spirit is telling us through the physical, mental and emotional happenings in our lives is where we find our spirit.
We uncover the layers and return to our source of center, where we are all connected.
The beauty of nature tends to us in the most magical ways if we are open to it. Through journaling, meditation, pausing to notice the signs and allowing, you can find the answers you have been looking for.

This book can help you discover the person you always knew you were and the life you always knew you could live.

I am available for speaking engagements on the topics of healing, hope and inspiration in nature, yoga, creating healthy habits and more!

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Sedona Spirit Journey
Book Reviews


I love it!  My heart was full from the beginning reading Bryan’s foreword.  I love hearing your voice in my head reading it too and it’s really wonderful journaling during it.  I’m doing a part each day.  Very therapeutic and fulfilling.  Thanks for being you and creating this! - Lindsey T.

I’m loving your voice!  So authentic and heartfelt.  I can hear your voice in every sentence! - Victoria L.

Oh my goodness my beautiful friend!  I’m slowly soaking in your book and it’s just that:  BEAUTIFUL!  I am really enjoying being transported to tranquil spaces on your journey and you are making me long for nature, spring and summer, when the world thaws and awakens more!  Your writing is absolutely lovely and I can sense everything with your beautiful descriptions!  I am so proud of you!  Love you! - Siv B.

Read your book today on my flight.  Absolutely loved it and can resonate with you on so many levels.  Lots of tears, but in a good way!  Thank you for putting yourself out there.  I think it will help more people than you know. - Tricia B.

I started reading your book today on my flight to Austin, TX.  I look forward to doing the journaling part.  I have lots to learn and work on.  My mind-body connection isn’t so great.  Take care and thanks for sharing your story.  Miss and love you friend! - Nicole S.


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