Why I Became an Author

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I found this picture of 7-year-old Heather in 2020, while looking through boxes of family pictures.  I was working on a display board for our son's high school graduation party.

It sits on a small writing desk, under my bedroom window to this day, continuing to stir emotions each time I look at it.

What I see here is a little girl with determination, passion, innocence, imagination, and so much life to live.

I was probably writing about unicorns or horses, my favorite short story topics.  I may have been drawing a rainbow, flower, tree or a giant sunshine with a smiley face surrounded by puffy white clouds.

As an adult, when I sit to write, these emotions continue to stir.

As a little girl, I wrote stories based on imagination.  In high school I enjoyed reading and writing poetry.  In college, I was giddy when assigned to write a paper on any subject.

Today, I write in hopes of inspiring others to write their own stories, teach simple tools I have found to be healing in my life, and help others create a deeper connection with their spirit and nature.

My first book "Sedona Spirit Journey" includes personal journal entries I wrote during a health crash/spiritual awakening in 2019.  It is a story of hope, healing and transformation rooted in nature and encourages others to write their own stories within the journal pages provided.

My second book, "The Power of Pausing," includes short stories from my life and others I have worked with in Yoga and Life Coaching sessions, as well as a method I created to help others harness the power of pausing.

The P.R.A.T.T. method provides readers simple practices to help implement the steps of PAUSE, RELEASE, ALLOW, TRUST and TRANSFORM into their lives.

I believe we all can benefit from tapping into our inner child, a time when being in the moment wasn't work, it just...was.  When we allowed ourselves to feel, found inspiration in the simple things, let our imaginations flow and felt free to be ourselves.

I encourage you to check in with your inner child.  Connect with what lit you up, made you feel joy and what you were inspired to create.  Connect with your spirit.  From this place, create a life you are in love with.

Be Inspired & Enjoy the Journey!