Empowering Sedona Spirit Journeys

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Born from my book “Sedona Spirit Journey”, A Story of Hope, Healing and Transformation through Nature, Yoga, Journaling and Adventure”, comes small group Guided Hiking & Yoga Sedona Spirit Journeys.  I know first-hand the power, beauty and magic that is possible in this sacred land of red rock and vortexes.

These Journeys are created to be an experience filled with…

• Connection with Nature and Others
• Inspiration
• Nourishing Movement
• Pauses
• Tools borrowed from practices such as Yoga, Qigong and Ayurveda

• Joy and Gratitude Inspired by Nature
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Each Sedona Spirit Journey is unique
and combines…

• Small group (open or closed) of 5 people plus myself
• A morning flow of Kundalini Yoga, Qigong, breath work and meditation to energize the body and mind
• Nighttime YIN/Gentle Yoga
• Intention Setting
• Pulling Spirit Cards
• One hike a day to places such as…
Bell Rock, Airport Loop, Thunder Mountain, Peace Park,
Cathedral Rock, Devil’s Bridge, more possible
• Other destinations may include…Slide Rock State Park, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Jerome, and more
• Explore shops and restaurants

I am open to leading 2 types of groups
for these Journeys, Open and Closed


Closed groups will have a 5 person group already put together.  This is perfect for family members, friends, coworkers, those who are looking for a beautiful experience to share with those you love being with!



Open groups are for individuals who apply for spots (5 available), and I will put the group together.  Groups are filled with applicants who I feel will do amazing together.  New connections made is a wonderful thing!  Open Retreats will be shared here.

Upcoming Retreat Payment Schedules

October 9-13, 2024

Payment Schedule

April 16-20, 2025
Moderate Level Retreat

Payment Schedule

Interested in bringing your group on a Closed Retreat?  Beautiful! 

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Contact me to discuss availability and details.

Included in Sedona Spirit Journey Retreats…

• Housing
• Car
• Gas
• Guided Hikes
• Guided Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work

I organize the experience, guide the hikes and practices, and drive to our destinations.  YOU sit back relax, take in the beauty, and soak up the magic of Sedona.

***It does NOT include retreat participants'...

• Flight
• Food
• Spending Money
• Extra experiences

I am also available to come along on a planned adventure or retreat (not limited to Sedona) as a teacher in Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Breath Work, Life-Coaching!

I have over 20 years of experience teaching many types of groups and organizations in different settings and am skilled at designing unique experiences for each.  Let’s connect!