Here's what our customers have to say:
I walk away from Pilates/Yoga feeling stronger, taller and more relaxed!
— Jennifer O.
Pilates/Yoga creates strength through breath work, developing long, lean muscles throughout the body. Anyone can do it! Maintaining muscle and/or Building muscle is so important as we age.
— Anna H.
I joined Pilates for some" me" time but it has turned into so much more. Heather is an amazing instructor. The fellowship and energy in her classes are so uplifting that you feel like a small family. The class has not only helped bring strength and flexibility to my body but also more body awareness. I can tell if I skipped a week as my body now almost craves now. I highly recommend taking one of Heathers classes. She radiates energy and light.
— Tania W.
I love Pilates/Yoga Mix because it makes my mind and body feel amazing and its realistically "doable"!
— Cara L.
Pilates' Yoga Mix is such a peaceful, powerful and non-intrusive workout for my mind and body!
— Amanda L.
Pilates/Yoga Mix is energizing and Mood Boosting!
— Michelle U.
You walk in and you can feel the welcoming energy! Heather (the owner/teacher/friend) has created an environment that is welcoming to everyone. She has created a space to help others with mobility, relaxation, breathing, focus, purpose, peace, and joy. She is very intentional with all that she does. Yoga Mama’z name indicates that it’s only for ladies or mamas, but I have made my husband come to different class series she has offered and he was welcomed with open arms by her. Heather’s purpose behind Yoga Mama’s is to let everyone come and have their own guided practice. It’s not forced. She meets you where you are and each class might look different. Overall, Sauk Centre is lucky to have Heather’s beautiful soul to teach everyone who wants to learn. 100% recommend!
— Lexi K.
THE BEST! I am new to yoga and honestly was nervous to try, but Heather and the women in class have made this something I look forward to each week! The studio is beautiful and calming! Class is taught in a way that every level and ability is challenged and accepted. I will say that her bright, happy, honest and insightful personality makes a class like an hour with your girlfriends! I am sleeping better, feeling stronger, and finding more peace in taking this time to invest in myself. Come join us, you will be so glad you did! 
— Jill B.
I absolutely enjoy going to any of Heather's classes and workshops. She loves to share her love of nature and yoga with everyone and she exudes positivity. Heather is welcoming to everyone that comes through her door. You're very likely to leave with a smile on your face and a feeling of peace within your body after one of her classes.
— Nadeen
I started at Yoga Mama'Z for Life Coaching and that has lead to monthly Moon Circles and so much more. Heather helped me to get unstuck by supporting me to get clear on where I was, what I wanted and how to get to where I wanted to go. The direction she helped me find and the tools she teaches have me making my journey to a life I love and finding joy and movement every day along the way.

I will forever be grateful to Heather for supporting me in changing my life. Our time together has made all the difference for implementing real change in my mindset and the way I show up in my life.
— Crystal
Heather makes everyone feel welcome, seen, and heard. She's got great modifications for poses and stretches if your body doesn't do that. She blends yoga types smoothly, and has a lot of knowledge about the whys behind what she is having us do. My favorite thing is her belly laugh, which I didn't think would be part of yoga! 
— Heidi I.
Yoga Mama'Z is the perfect place to relax, enjoy learning breathing techniques, enjoying the company of those around you, learning to be come grounded, and so much more! Heather is very knowledgeable at her craft and always inspires those around her to be the best they can be. NAMASTE!
— Leah T.
Yoga Mama Z is the best thing for aches and pains, physically and mentally.
I have been going for years. Heather is a ray of sunshine to everyone who knows her.
Rejuvenating and enlightening Yoga.
— Ava S.
I have been taking part in the year long Envision U yoga study with Heather. I have learned so much and I feel like my whole perception of life has been changed for the better with the information and inspiration that Heather brings to each class!
— Stephanie A.
Yoga Mama’Z has been a wonderful addition to my life for both my body and soul. Thank you Heather for following your dream and speaking into the life of those around you. You are appreciated!
— Kris D.
Wonderful studio and positive feelings with the classes I have participated in!
— Brenda M.
Amazing classes and studio. You feel a sense of peace and happiness as soon as you walk in the door. Heather is a wonderful teacher!
— Tania W.
My sister invited me to attend Yoga Mama’Z Moon Circle with her. I was more then happy to attend . My sister and I haven’t been close in many years as our past has been all over the place . Ever since we attended that evening class together we have been closer and connected a bit more. We opened up a bit more to each other and the feeling I received while being there was extremely peaceful and unique. Like I was meant to be there. I loved getting to know a bit about the other wonderful ladies and their stories and how they have enjoyed doing yoga and classes with Heather also I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you Heather 😍
— Nancy, New Moon Women's Circle Participant
I went to see Heather when I was suffering from hip and leg pain.  I felt better almost immediately just talking with her as she has such an inviting, gentle, healing energy.  I quickly got better following her protocol for me.  I highly recommend her services!
— Dawn R., Healing Movement Personal Session Client
I've been doing sessions with Heather for a couple years now and cannot say enough good things about it! Each session is individualized each week for what you need and where you are at -- I always leave feeling more balanced, renewed and ready to face the day. Thanks Heather!!
— Ashley
The New Moon Circle was great!  I was a little apprehensive at first but then I realized everyone was there in support of other women and to learn and grow in themselves.  It was great to be in space that was non-judgemental and supportive.  I liked setting the intention for the New Moon and picking a word to meditate on.  I feel it’s helped me to be more intentional these last few weeks since the last one.  Thank you for being encouraging to me to try something new.  It was a great experience!
— Shauna
I have attended the New Moon Women’s Circle a few times now and every time I feel like I learn something new. Taking the time to slow down, connect and uplift other women is empowering and gratifying.  I’m so thankful Heather offers this class and I always look forward to the next one!
— Jen S.
Unexpected and almost immediate connection with strangers. Light and freeing.
— Dawn J.
My sister-in-law invited me to participate in the Yoga Mama'Z New Moon Women's Circle and I'm sooo glad I did! The experience was so awesome!! A room full of women, sharing what was on their heart...it was a great opportunity to make some new friends, refocus on what matters in life, renew my energy and purpose, and get centered again. I loved every minute of the evening and I would highly recommend this to anyone! You won't regret taking some time for yourself to participate in the next moon ceremony!!
— Jen M.
I took a huge step out of my safe zone and listened to a call inside I had. I didn’t know who would be at the class and I knew of Heather but we never had spoken to each other before. She’s so welcoming!! Her studio is calming and relaxing! I was at ease with the smiling faces! I’ve never done anything like this. It was absolutely amazing! It was a safe zone with like minded friends. I loved every bit of it and totally need the light it put in me. Sometimes doing the scary things open up amazing doors to a new and empowering you that was scared to step up front and shine. I’m hooked and will be enjoying more classes. Thank you Heather for being you!
— Trisha B.
Heather, you are an amazing teacher and you ROCK!
— Andrea DeFoe
Heather is such a sweet and kind soul.  A natural teacher-loved Intro to Yoga!!!
— Siw Berienger
I truly enjoyed the Intro to Yoga Class!  Heather is great at giving step by step instructions and walking you through the poses!
— Angela Mrozek
Your guidance through meditation was amazing.  I came in here nervous and you made it so much fun and relaxing.  Which I needed!  You make everyone feel so comfortable.
— Amanda Primus
Heather shines with kindness and patience.  She explains things so clearly, allowing each of us tp participate at our own comfort level.  I would strongly encourage anyone interested in yoga to participate in her classes.
— Carla Mindeman
I have attended other yoga studios and I have never had someone I so connected with.  Heather has such a big heart.  Thank you for making this an amazing experience!
— Jennifer Spanier
I have been looking for that thing to help me to start kicking off some weight.  With just 6 weeks I feel amazing.  I cannot wait to continue my yoga journey!  Thank you!
— Cheryl Doll-Bueckers
Yoga Mama’Z Ladies Nights are a wonderful way to relax and reflect with other amazing women, while learning to appreciate and love yourself!
— Melanie Stier
Ladies Night Out was a relaxing, centered experience.
— Emily Wolfe
I loved my first yoga thing, it was very calming.
— Anna Wolfe
I am grateful I came, because I needed space to stay open minded and the “Gratitude” based practice really left me feeling grounded!
— Nadiya
I value each class or special event that I attend here at Yoga Mama’Z.  I leave feeling peaceful, centered and full of gratitude!
— Anne Paulson
I love the feeling of the studio and the look of it.  It has a feeling of love and welcoming.  The confidence and encouragement of Heather is awesome!
— Chelsea
The Sauk Centre football team started doing yoga this season to help prevent injuries and recover from games.  Our athletes were hesitant at first, but Heather created a program that addressed our athletic needs and they love it.  It is something they look forward to every week. I would recommend Heather to any individual or team, it certainly has helped our football players.
— Brian Riley, Sauk Centre Varsity Football Coach/Teacher for Sauk Centre, MN Schools
If someone would have told me 5 years ago that I would be going to yoga classes and loving it, I wouldn’t have believed it!  But on the advice of a friend, I made the call and went to a yoga class!  Knowing nothing about yoga, I decided to start with some private sessions with Heather at Yoga Mama’Z and she’s been fantastic!  I have been struggling with a hip and lower back issue since I had hip surgery a year and a half ago, despite hard work with a physical therapist and long hours at the gym, I was still struggling with daily pain that was slowly starting to exhaust me physically and emotionally.  The constant struggle with pain, I was starting to doubt I would ever be free of it.  I went to my first yoga session a total skeptic, not really expecting to find help, but willing to try anything!  Now only a month into it, I can easily say it’s been the best decision I’ve made for my health!  The gains that I’ve seen since starting yoga just a month ago, far surpass anything I have done in physical therapy or at the gym in the last year and a half!  Heather is patient and understanding with my situation and when teaching me, she designs each session for what my body specifically needed.  I have gained an amazing amount of flexibility back in my joints, my balance is improving, and I have learned to stretch and strengthen my back and how to strengthen my core.  I am learning to breathe, and in doing so, am learning to control my pain and listen to what my body needs.  I am finding great relief and rest mentally and physically. I am so grateful for Heather and her wonderful, positive attitude and energy that she has shared with me.  I will continue to learn the art of yoga with eagerness, for I am hooked for life!
— Aimee Goodwin, Wife and Mother, EMT, Author, Lymes Disease Survivor, Yoga Lover - Class Participant/Personal Yoga Sessions
Thanks for letting my Phy Ed class come to the studio today!  That was awesome!  It was fun listening to the kids as they were walking back.  They and I felt good!  You do one heck of a job.  I will continue to brag and talk about you and Yoga Mama’Z.  Thanks so much!
— Todd Broich, Phy Ed Teacher/Coach for Sauk Centre, MN Schools
I have been taking YIN Yoga classes from Heather at Yoga Mama’Z twice a week for the past 5 months.  It has been a long time since I’ve done any type of fitness class, but Heather helped me to feel welcome and comfortable right away.  I had total knee replacement last July.  Heather is very in tune to everyone’s strengths, abilities and comfort and will help them modify the poses if necessary.  I feel great after YIN, and I know that it helps both my knees to hurt less and to be stronger.  I love taking classes from Heather at Yoga Mama’Z and highly recommend it to all ages!
— Renee Lasch, Mom and Grandma, Retired - Class Participant
I’ve tried yoga in the past and never quite got the hang of it, but always felt like it was something I wanted to pursue.  The Intro to Yoga class got me hooked and the personal sessions have been tremendous!  Heather is such an awesome teacher.  She helps you adapt each pose to what works for you, while pushing you to make yourself better each time you are there.  The personal sessions are great because she adjusts the session to what works for you that week.  Sometimes it’s a kick-in-the-butt workout and others a more mellow stress reliever; each session is tailored and I leave feeling great.  Plus Heather’s energy and positivity make each session so much fun! Even when you know your arms or legs are going to be sore the next day you leave feeling so good and upbeat. Starting with Heather and doing the sessions each week is definitely one of the best choices I’ve made for myself. Thanks Heather!
— Ashley Bruggeman, Busy Working Mom of 2 Toddlers - Personal Yoga/Pilates Sessions