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The Power of Pausing

It’s time to stop.
Stop the hamster wheel of life.
Stop working around the clock.
Stop reaching for substances that promise a quick fix, as if they will magically cure a numb life.
Let this sink in…there are no quick fixes! 
Change does not come in the form of a pill. 
You cannot order pauses on Amazon.
True connections do not come with mindlessly flipping through social media content.
This is your life! 
It’s time to start treating your body as a temple for your spirit.
It’s time to notice the beauty around you and be grateful for it.
It’s time to be the creator of your life.
These only happen when we create time for pausing.
Do your body, mind and spirit a favor and PAUSE.

Notice what your heart is telling you.
Make pausing a daily habit.
Heather offers short stories from her own life, as well stories from others that relate with her unique P.R.A.T.T. Method steps of:


to help readers create space for more inspiration and joy in their lives.
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“The Power of Pausing” Book Reviews

" Thank you for being unapologetically honest and open in this book.  I appreciate your perspective and it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts, feelings and how I process my own spiritual journey."
— Sarah
"I have heard instructions to “Breathe before speaking,” “This too shall pass,” etc, but how you use your own personal experience and application of these methods somehow hit different when I read them.  The message hit deep.  I can’t un-know what I have read and I am changed to my core.  I have peace!  I have faced what could have been some upsetting situations this week, and if I had not read this book, I wouldn’t have kept myself as calm or relaxed or positive during.  I have been able to PAUSE, RELEASE, ALLOW, TRUST and TRANSFORM before letting myself panic, or think of all the negative things that can happen.  Thank God for wonderful timely friends that share great books that change our lives."
— Shonda
"I just finished reading Heather’s newest book and I find it absolutely beautiful!  I’m thankful she is hearing her gifts with us all in so many ways and her reminders to make room to pause create golden little moments of treasured time with oneself.  I love Heather’s ability to find beauty in the midst of darkness and that she values lessons and growth that emerge during tough times.  It takes courage being vulnerable and sharing your story and gifts with the world.  I love that the more she cracks herself open to let us in, the more beautiful her light becomes!  A wonderful read and gift to all of us.  Thank you!"
— Siw
"I just finished your book and I LOVED IT!  I could hear your voice reading it to me.  I am so happy you’re sharing your knowledge and experiences with others to help them.  Wow."
— Lindsey
"I read your book after the kids had gone to school. The house was quiet and the sunshine was pouring in the window. It was a perfect pause to sit and read.  I didn't put the book down and read it cover to cover in about 2.5 hours .  Hearing your story and how you went through such difficult life events and found your way through to the other side with such hope and light.  To see how you opened your pages up and let other people share their experiences.  Knowing we each have our different difficult journeys and everyone can relate to some extent of pain, heartbreak, trauma or grief.  It's a book about moving forward and watching for the light and positivity something you're so good at exampling in your life and the classes you teach. Just as you hold space in your classes for others, your book also does that.  I chuckled a bit about the acronym because my first thought was P.R.A.T.T. Method...Chris Pratt?!? It was fun to hear about that way you correlated the two.  I found myself in the days after, being able to easily remember the acronym and put it to practice when I would find myself worrying or thinking about a difficult topic.  PAUSE, RELEASE, ALLOW, TRUST and  TRANSFORM.  Simple but powerful words when you put them into action.  Thank you Heather for being such a light in this world."
— Shauna

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