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A lesson from nature: stepping back

BY Heather Zollman
November 13, 2020

Have you ever tried to chase the sun or the moon?  You see those beautiful balls of light in the sky and it makes you want to get as close as possible?  It seems as if when you go in the direction of their presence, you will get closer to the view and it becomes clear.  At some point you realize that the closer you get to what is happening, it becomes harder to see.

I was reminded of this yet again the other morning on my walk.  The sunrise was like a magnet pulling me closer.  Then I swear I heard it straight up belly laughing at me, when I thought I was going right in.
I stood for a moment to pause, soak up the colors in the sky and breathe in the lesson that became so clear…

Sometimes (more often than not) we have to step away, back up and/or remove ourselves from a situation to see it more clearly.  One of my coaching clients told me recently that two of the biggest lessons she has learned in our time together have been allowing the pause and backing up from a situation.  Both of these practices are so crazy powerful! 

When we pause, we allow the time to sit with what is, before reacting. What a lesson this is!  How often do we react to a situation, without thinking first?  When I say “we” please know that even though I know that the pause changes everything, it is still a practice.  I work at it daily.  Sometimes I do great, other times I fail miserably.  I don’t beat myself up over it.  I realize that I am human, own it, handle things in a better way and do my best moving forward. 

When we back up from a situation and look at the whole scenario, it allows us to step into other people’s shoes and see the bigger picture of things.  Oh my goodness, this is a tough one too!  Situations with family, work, friends and all of the life happenings can begin to look very different when we practice these things.

Next time you find yourself wanting to dig your heals into a situation, predicament, opinion and feel struggle there…back up.  Look at the whole picture, not just from your shoes, but yours AND others.  Take in the WHOLE of it.  See what happens.  Journal on it.  Sit with it.  Meditate on it.

Celebrate when you do great and show yourself grace when you know you can do better.  Be a constant learner of yourself and others.  And get outside to witness the lessons nature has to offer us through it’s beauty. 

Tomorrow, as the sun comes up, I am going to move away from it, turn around and see what it looks like from a different point of view.  Maybe I’ll see ya out thereJ 
Enjoy learning from nature friend. 
Stay curious.

Peace and Love,