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Blank Canvas

BY Heather Zollman
January 4, 2022

Well friend, it’s 2022. 

Thank God! 

Seriously, I feel like there is a collective big sigh as we move into a new chapter, a new year. 

I went for a walk on New Year’s Day. 

We had many inches of snow piled up here in Minnesota and the weather was frigid and extremely sunny!  -20 to 0 degrees. 

And beautiful. 

I returned with frozen eyelashes, rosy cheeks, a smile under my ski mask and excitement for the year ahead.

I trudged through the many inches of white, sparkly fluff to the backyard and noticed it was a blank canvas…a clean slate. 

Our 3 children are 20, 17 and 12 years old.  They don’t race out to the backyard at the sight of snow like they did when they were younger. 

Although, they do still enjoy playing in it in the form of snowboarding, sledding and tubing. 

This snow hadn’t been touched.  A pang of excitement charged through my body like a zap of electricity.

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. 

Does anyone else get super excited about this? 

It’s not the resolution idea that lights me up.  It’s the idea of being grateful for the previous year, letting go of the past and moving forward with a clean slate. 

222 is also a powerful number as it represents new beginnings and moving forward so 2022 is going to rock! 

I am sure it has plenty in store for us to learn and grow. 

The last couple of years have definitely been trying to say the least for individuals, families and our world as a whole. 

Letting go of what no longer serves us and also bringing our lessons learned into the New Year will be a powerful practice!

So…what will you do with your blank canvas?

You are the artist of your life after all.

What visions, colors, experiences, adventures, shapes, scenery, relationships will you nurture and grow this year?

I sat on the meditation bench under our pine trees as nature scurried through the branches and the prayer flags danced in the breeze looking over our blank backyard. 

I couldn’t help but smile and then…drop in the snow to create a snow angel! 

It was invigorating! 

I sunk deeper and deeper…a certain type of grounding for sure. 

I closed my eyes, sent up a prayer of gratitude and then had quite the time trying to get up and out of the snow! 

I laughed at myself. 

I am 44 years old and making a snow angel in deep snow. 

Some moments prove to me my age, which I am grateful for. 

It also causes me to giggle.  Life is so funny. 

Ooh…be sure to add brush strokes and splashes of humor to your daily canvas!  Lord knows we could all use it.

Happy New Year friends! 

I wish for you good health, bright colors, laughter, pauses, abundance and joy! 

And when the hard stuff presents itself, know that every valley eventually rises to a mountainous high that will touch the sun.

May the light of the sun illuminate your heart, that your heart may illuminate the World.