BY Heather Zollman 
Feb. 15, 2018

I want to ask you something friends…when was the last time you made a commitment to yourselves…set an intention or a goal…and actually committed to it…followed through with it?

Maybe take a moment here to close your eyes, breathe and ask yourself this question.

Okay, now take a moment to think about how much of yourself, your TIME, TALENTS, MONEY, WORK, EMOTIONS you commit to others. Seriously, close your eyes, breathe and think on that.

What did you notice when took time to reflect? For most people, I am guessing that the commitment to others far outweighs the commitment we give to ourselves. When we sign our children up for an activity, we commit to getting them there and we make it a priority. When we commit to volunteering at school, we show up. But what about ourselves? When you think of making a commitment to yourself what does that look like? Is there something that you have wanted to do for yourself recently? Maybe carving out a chunk of time each day, or a certain number of times a week to sit and breathe, or make it to a class, write in a journal, prepare healthy meals for you and your family, go on more walks, get a massage, spend more time with your family? Being committed is a choice. Sometimes it is not an easy one…especially when it comes to ourselves, but we really should do it. And listen, I am right there with you friends…

I LOVE so many things! I love my family, I LOVE my work that I do, I LOVE attending my kids activities, I LOVE hanging out with my husband…all of these things bring me so much joy! There are things that I have said recently that I REALLY want to start doing more consistently and commit to doing for ME…GET MORE SLEEP being at the top, spending more time in devotion and meditation, committing to my own yoga practice, eating more chocolate and drinking more coffee…oh wait, I’ve mastered this one (coffee is actually on my vision board…hey you do what ya gotta do), writing more (this book that I’m going to write isn’t going to write itself)…these things are for ME. The only one that can make the decision to commit to them is ME. I WILL make them happen. Are there going to be bumps along the way? Of course…but commitment comes in when you run into the bumps, you adjust and find a way to make it happen.

I had a good routine going with my own physical practice. I have been following a set schedule for the last couple of weeks. Then, I fell on the ice and landed on my wrist and my knee. I noticed a couple of days later the pain started kicking in and my whole right side started to hurt pretty bad. Too much pressure on my wrist and knee makes things really uncomfortable. Between personal training and classes, I don’t have much left to offer myself physically right now, so instead of doing the more physical vinyasa style I have been doing for myself, I adjusted it to do YIN instead.

I can tell that sleep is something my body and mind are screaming for right now, and I am not doing myself any favors by not getting to bed at a decent hour when I get up at 4:50 a.m. Monday through Friday to teach classes and do personal training. I know I need to commit to that, so I am right there with you. I need to commit to sleep!

I am going to offer a 7 week workshop during Lent called Personal Revolution that includes yoga, nutrition and meditation. It is about making a commitment to YOURSELF. It is NOT a diet. It does NOT require an unreasonable amount of time each day. These 3 things are what I hear so many times that people would like to have a regular practice of. Stay tuned if that interests you.

Here’s the deal…YOU are worth making a commitment to, just like your family, your church, school, work and all of those other things your committed to are. YOU deserve to make time for yourself. It feels so good to be committed! Stop saying you are going to do something and do it! I am saying that just as much to myself as I am to all of you! Here’s to being committed to ourselves, and putting us on our list of priorities.

Namaste friends,