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Envision U
Informational Packet and Application

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Envision U

A Women’s Yoga Study for Self-Discovery & Transformation
September 2022 - August 2023

Who Is This Study Created For?
Women ages 18 and up…NO PREVIOUS YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY…who are interested in learning, experiencing and integrating knowledge acquired here from different philosophies and practices such as Yoga, Ayurveda and Qigong into their lives to create GROWTH and the life they ENVISION for themselves.  It is possible!  And feels AMAZING!  Simple physical, self-discovery and mental daily practices combine to create an inspired, amazing life!  I know first-hand how impactful this type of program can be for opening the eyes to more than you knew was possible for you, your energy and who you are in this world.  These are the daily practices that help me to feel my best, approach fears as a hurdle with growth on the other side and to be open to possibilities.  This is a mind-body-spirit, real-life transformation.  It is a commitment you make to YOU that will affect all areas of your life.  Many people come to the practice of Yoga because of the poses and how good it helps them feel physically.  This IS wonderful AND a tiny part of this expansive practice.

The question is…are you ready to MOVE, LEARN, GROW, SHED, EXPAND, CREATE and SHINE even brighter than you already do?  Are you willing to do the work within our supportive small group?  If so, then this may just be the program for you! Side note, we belly laugh and smile a lot.  If you’re down for that…you’re golden my friend!


Yoga Study
Testimonials 2021/2022

Yoga Mama’z Yoga Study is a Challenge!   Challenge to your mind; Challenge to your way of thinking and challenge to strengthen your mind/ body/spirit connection.  Yoga philosophy and principles are taught and examined letting you take what you need and leave what doesn’t apply to you.

What was easy about this yoga study is that Heather Zollman is a fantastic teacher, so knowledgeable, open and welcoming. You instantly feel comfortable in her studio and home! Because the study and space is so open and welcoming you can easily feel comfortable sharing and getting to know the other yoga study students.  You grow a tight knit connection and friendships are easily built in that loving, open space.

Mutual respect is always shown even when there are differing opinions or beliefs.  There is always a strong sense of just wanting to support and help each other to better understand one another.

This is a comprehensive study going deeper than just the physical practice, to yoga philosophy, yogic lifestyle, Ayurveda, the 8 limbs of yoga and more.   It is very personalized to what we as students care about and fitting the study into our day to day lives.  Careful attention is placed on each month with special intention placed on the seasons of nature (and life).  Each month there is a “theme” or intention and its incredible how it unfolds from the yoga study into your life at home outside of the yoga study weekend into the rest of your month.  I have loved deepening and expanding my own physical practice through Heather’s teaching and her encouragement of exploring the different styles of yoga available to help develop our own perfect way to yoga!

This study will definitely enrich your life’s journey! Those around you will end up learning from you as this practice seeps out into your day to day reaching others with the knowledge you gain with respect, love and light!

It's also so much fun and hopefully you like laughing, because you will laugh a lot and just have a fun time while learning!"  

- Shauna Loxtercamp 2021/22 Yoga Study Student

This Yoga Study will change your life. It is deep, requires dedication, and offers many avenues to healing. I strongly recommend it! It's a great way to meet & make some incredible friends. Wish it were longer!
- Lisa Brown, 2021/22 Yoga Study Student

When I signed up for the Yoga Mama'Z Yoga Study, I was newly retired and wondering what I might want to do with my new-found freedom. My original goal in participating in the Yoga Study was to learn yoga postures and sequences to keep myself limber and able to stay physically active in my retirement. What I did not realize was that I would learn so much about myself, as well. What a beautiful bonus to the already high expectations I had for this study. Utilizing the coursework and knowledge that I received from Heather, I plan to ultimately share that knowledge with others as I travel across the U.S. offering 'stretching' classes to travelers at my campground destinations. I'm looking forward to enjoying my retirement to its fullest while utilizing the skills and knowledge I have gained from Yoga Mama'Z Yoga Study.
- Clara Post 2021/22 Yoga Study Student

About the Study Teacher:  
Heather Zollman-Yoga Mama’Z


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Hi there!  I am Heather Zollman, founder of Yoga Mama’Z Healing Center.  I am super excited and humbled that you are interested in the Envision U experience!  I wanted to offer a little information about myself.  I am a wife, mom of 3 and promoter of all things having to do with living an inspired life.  Yoga has been a huge part of my life for the last 20 years, since our oldest son was born.  I found yoga while researching ways to strengthen my back, relieve pain and correct my posture.  A spine injury and pregnancy did quite a number on me!  I found yoga in a book, graduated to video tapes, dvds, classes and then finally teacher training.  I completed my 200 hour and 500 hour teacher trainings with Mary Beth Nehl at the Yoga Loft in Willmar.  That experience opened my eyes, heart and mind to the world of yoga far beyond the poses on the mat. 

I have been teaching yoga and pilates since 2003.  I started classes as a way to meet people in the sweet little town we moved to and still reside in, Sauk Centre, MN.  This is now the home of Yoga Mama’Z Healing Center, which we built onto the back of our home.  My teaching journey includes teaching people of all ages and abilities, onsite and in the studio from babies to seniors.  Community Ed, a hotel room, gyms, football fields, businesses, parks, backyards, wedding parties, dance studios, restaraunts, nursing homes, clinics, veteran’s healing Eagle’s Nest and 3 different Yoga Mama’Z studio locations and so many more places have led us here, to this point…HOME.  I am proud of this support system we have built together, what we are for our community and each other.

I am excited to share the knowledge I learned through trainings, workshops, teaching experiences and working with a wide variety of people with the people who come together for this study!  I combine these pieces and my skills as a life coach to offer you this unique journey of study, self-discovery and transformation.

By completing this study, you will have the knowledge and experience to expand your yoga practice, in combination with other practices and tools to enhance your life experience.  Everyone comes to this kind of journey from their own unique place, with their own intentions of what they will do with it.  Being open to what unfolds for you here is part of the practice.  Be open.  Allow.  Be curious.  Enjoy!

Peace and Love,

What is included in the 
Envision U Women’s Yoga Study


• Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle
• Meditation
• Styles of Yoga
• Ayurveda
• Journaling
• Tuning into nature to deepen your practice
• Nature Walks-Silent Walking Meditation
• Chakras
• Yoga Sequencing
• Life Coaching Practices
• Learning from Others while Supporting and Being Supported Yourself
• Breathing Practices
• Self-Discovery & Growth
• Yoga as Healing Movement
• Small Group Community in a Safe Place
• Other practices such as Qigong, Tapping, Shaking, Earthing & Pilates
• Deepening your own physical, mental & spiritual practice

Prices and Payment Options
We gratefully accept cash, check or Venmo payments

Envision U
$108 x 12 months =   $1,296
1 Payment:      
$1,196 by August 1st  $100 discount 

$1,246 by September 1st $50 Discount

2 Payments:    
$108 Down payment with application 
September 17 - $594            March 18 - $594  

Monthly Payments:  
$108 Down payment with application (Goes towards last month)
$108 Monthly payments September-July at each training weekend

Envision U + Unlimited Yoga Mama’Z Classes
$150 x 12 months =    $1800
1 Payment:             
$1,700 by August 1st 
  $100 discount 
$1,750 by September 1st $50 Discount

2 Payments:           
$150 Down payment with application
September 17 - $825              March 18 - $825

Monthly Payments:    
$150 Down payment with application (Goes towards the last month)
$150 Monthly payments September-July at each training weekend

Envision U + Be Inspired Life Coaching Package + Unlimited Yoga Mama’Z Classes
$222 x 12 months = $2,664
1 Payment:                  
$2,564 By August 1st   $100 discount 
$2,614 By September 1st $50 Discount
2 Payments:                
$222   Down payment with application 
September 17 - $1,221     March 18 - $1,221

Monthly Payments:    
$222 down payment due with application (Goes towards the last month’s payment)
$222 Monthly payments September-July at each training weekend

*This option includes a monthly, 60 minute, one-on-one virtual or in person life coaching session with Heather to further support and enhance your journey.  This is a wonderful addition for those looking for guidance and extra support on their personal journey in all areas of life.

Choosing to be in this study is a commitment you are making to YOU for your personal growth.  Your spirit being guided here was divinely planned and on purpose

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