​Freedom, Angels and a Feather

BY Heather Zollman 
Aug. 29, 2018

I believe that there are signs all around us!  You just have to choose how open you are going to be to receiving them:)  I had many not-so-subtle signs come to me last week.  The kind that made me stop and gasp a little bit, like when a girl sees the most amazing outfit or shoes (I’m not so much a shoe person, but have many friends that are!) and she just knows that they were meant for her!  Yep, that kind of gasp.

So I was having trouble sleeping last week, which is not uncommon for me.  Each night I would wake up between 4:02 and 4:09 am.  While in yoga training, I learned so many interesting lovely tidbits/huge chunks of fun information that I have found useful since.   I was reminded that angels are all around us…I already believed that.  What I was struck by were all of the ways they communicate to us!  I always went by the feeling that they were present.  But did you know that angels can actually send us messages, like legit messages through physical signs???  If you’ve known this for years, you probably just gave a little chuckle and the thought, oh this girl is such a newbie at this!  When I came to realize this, my mind immediately traveled back to when my father died.  The days, weeks and months following, I wanted so badly to stay as connected to him as possible, and was open to receiving signs…and they came!  Like all the time!  For instance, I remember going to the gym early one morning in the week after his passing.  I was overcome by emotions, and couldn’t control the crying.  So, I pulled off into a park that was on the way to the gym (partly to calm myself down and partly so I didn’t cause an accident), that is a place where my dad and I would go on long walks together, and talk on…everything:)  Instead of trying to control the tears, I let them flow.  I sat there for a while in the parking lot, with fisherman around me making there way to the lake.  I looked at the radio, because I saw something different in the space where the station numbers usually are. In that space was a line of little smiley faces going across and flashing at me.  I had never seen anything like that happen before, it was always just numbers.  Here’s where my dad comes in.  His catch phrase was “keep smiling.”  He said it to everyone he came in contact with.  I knew it was him and my angels, and I had to smile.  There have been so many signs in the last almost 5 years since he’s been gone, and I know without a doubt that they are from him and my other angels.   And when they come, they always make me catch my breath a little, smile and look up with a “thank you.”

I want my children to be open minded and hearted to these instances, so I have made sure to talk about it openly with them.  They have had encounters with angels as well:)  One instance from this summer with my older son was another breath taking angel story.  Our baseball team was playing in the state tournament, and we were playing a really good team.  It would be the toughest competition in the tournament.  I don’t remember all the numbers and details, but it went something like this…

We were in an extra inning, and if we scored a run we would win the game.  My son was up to bat.  No pressure or nervousness going on here!  Parents, you know that feeling.  In these situations I always find myself practicing deep, slow breathing as if it can transport through to my son and help him stay calm (not that he needs it, but I certainly do).  I can almost hear him thinking…knock it off mom, I got this.  Like I said, I can’t remember how many strikes and how many balls he had, but I do remember the crack of the bat and seeing it go right through the gap where no one could grab it (baseball people I’m sorry for the lack of specific details).  He made it to first.  Stole second.  The next batter came to the plate got a hit, Jake made it home and we won the game!  I actually peed in my pants from jumping up and down SO MUCH!  This was partly due to not wanting to run to the porta pot and the chance that I would miss any of the game.  Moms, you get it.  Now, where are the angels here?  After the game, I gave the coach a huge bear hug (I happen to be married to him:)).  He said, “Heather, you have to talk to Jake about his last hit.”  I found Jake, hugged him, and could tell he was still shaking from the excitement of what just happened.  He pulled away and said, “mom, it was Vog’s.”  What?  He said, “right before I went up to bat, I went to the dugout to grab the necklace his mom gave me that was his.  I put it on, and ran out there.  I honestly don’t remember hitting the ball, I just ended up on base!”  Who or what is Vog’s you are asking?  Alex Vogel is a boy from Jake’s class.  They have been friends since they were little boys.  Alex died this summer for medical reasons that took him instantly…16 years old.  He was a big, fun, quirky presence and all the kids loved him.  His mother gave Jake a necklace that was his, that he communicated with her that he wanted Jake to have it.  Jake went to grab it, because he wanted Vog’s there with him for that moment.  In that split second he had before going up to bat, he believed that he would be there, and he was.  Skeptics would say, he could have hit the ball without it.  He could have.  But we know for certain Vog’s was there.   When these things happen, I picture the person that is gone (in this case Alex) there just pulling strings like we are puppets and they are helping us along.  I see this with God, angles, the universe.  When you believe, have faith and put your dreams and intentions, feelings out there…God, your angels, the universe…they have your back!  Things shift!

I could tell about SO MANY angel stories, but let’s get to this specific instance from just a few days ago.  I went to a Root Chakra workshop with a friend, which was fabulous!  At the beginning we all picked a card.  I flipped mine over, and the word on the back was FREEDOM.  At the end of the workshop, we could share with the group what came up for us and maybe how it was related to the card.  As I listened to the other women speak, I had the feelings…I like their words better…what the heck does freedom have to do with me?  I was NOT connecting with it.  And I said as much when it was my turn.  As I talked, the words maybe I need to get out of my head and get out of my own way…FREEDOM from my own thoughts came out.  I didn’t even know I had that in my head in that moment!  The next morning, I went out to the patio to lay my mat down and do my meditation and yoga practice (I LOVE practicing my yoga outside!!!)  As I rolled out my mat, I noticed something right next to the front of my mat.  A gray feather.  I felt a little gasp.  I knew that it meant something.  A feather means something, when you find it.  All of a sudden it hit me.  I had been coming across single gray feathers all week!  I remember noticing them, but not looking into it further.  On my walks, while sweeping the sidewalk to the studio and now in the exact place where my mat goes underneath a canopy on the rug, in front of a tall firepit, at the head of my mat space?  Okay, someone was trying to tell me something.  Huge gasp entered here!  I also went to pull out my Angel Numbers book by Doreen Virtue.  It’s a must have!  I learned about it in yoga training.  I keep it by my bed, so that when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can look at the time and reference that number in the book to see what the angels have to say.  Remember…402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, 409???  All week.  I looked up the numbers again…they all had to do with what was on my mind as I talked in the group and getting out of my head about it!  Letting go of trying to control situations, and letting them flow.  Not forcing, but allowing in that area.  It was all connected!  The word FREEDOM, the feather, the numbers in the middle of the night!  So what did I do?  I looked up and around me laughed, stopped to feel/be grateful for the signs and support my angels were giving me, closed my eyes and let it all soak in.

So, when you feel those little gasps, be open to what they mean for you (other than the outfit and shoe love).  Be present!  Look into and sit with why you are receiving those messages from YOUR angels.  Believe!  When you do these things, life seems magical…because IT IS!

Peace Out,