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Let's be inspired by our children

BY Heather Zollman
October 16, 2020

This has been on my mind and heart a lot lately.  I would like to take this moment to acknowledge how amazing our children are.  Not ours as in mine, but mine yours and everyone's! 
This is my daughter.  She, like so many people in this strange time has been trying new things.  Changing it up.  She has been playing volleyball for years, and when she didn't think that was available to her and her teammates this year, she decided to join cross country.  Prior to this, she was not a runner.  If her coaches asked them to, she did it of course, but it wasn't a thing she would choose to do for fun by any means:)  The transformation we witnessed in her, and her teammates during the season was AWESOME and INSPIRING!  She fully embraced this sport, put in the runs putside of practiced and came to LOVE running!  A handful of months ago this cross country thing was not on her radar.  But with an open mind and a OUTSTANDING and persistent coach, she decided she was in.  Then volleyball was brought back.  She and the other girls did both.  Two sports practices a day.  Hours of physical work that is not easy on the body!  The coaches worked together to allow it to happen.  The kids stuck with it and cheered eachother on.  And they have this life skill that they can use their whole lives if they choose to.  I am so freaking proud of my daughter and all of these kids! 
What is the takeaway here?  We have all been forced to be more flexible, more open, more creative in this pandemic time.  Well, actually it's a choice.  We can sit around and complain that things have changed, or we can open our minds to what is possible.  Adults, kids, everyone.  Business owners have to think outside the box, teachers are working tirelessly to provide a different type of education, students are shifting and changing, athletes are adapting and learning new things.  It is inspiring, if you choose to look at it that way. 
I learn so much from watching our children and how they react to situations.  Let's choose to be open minded, tap in to our creativity and continue to be curious, constant learners. 
It definitely makes life more interesting!