Nature “Sit Spot” Meditation

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By Heather Zollman

I recently listened to an episode of the "Journaling with Nature" podcast that made me feel absolutely giddy.

To some, that may sound like a snore fest.  To us nature and journaling lovers, you need say no more.  Sign us up.

Spending time in nature…walking, practicing Yoga, meditating, reading, playing, hugging trees, and simply watching nature fills my spirit.

I have places I love to return to on nature walks, both near and far, such as…

• A picnic table at our town’s nature trail
• A meditation bench at Peace Park, a bench next to a Juniper tree at Bell Rock, the Summit at Airport Loop, under a tree at Slide Rock State Park, all in Sedona.
• A rock and sycamore tree at Clear Creek in Camp Verde, AZ
• Points on the Minnesota State University at Mankato campus, MN
• State Parks in MN
• Many rocks at The Quarry’s in St. Cloud, MN
• A park in Ferndale, MI and spots on the water while kayaking in Indian River, MI
• French Park in Plymouth, MN and
• In my family’s home town of Hilton, NY

I often keep a small, soft journal (not hard bound as to be great for traveling) and a pen in my pocket to be able to journal if the opportunity presents itself, or if I plan on stopping.

I watch nature, the weather, and notice how my senses feel in that moment.

In this podcast episode they mention “sit spots” as places to return to, to simply be with nature and do exactly what I found myself doing.  I didn’t know there was a name for it.

Now that I do, I encourage you to find your “sit spots.”
Ideas for sit spots…

• A picnic table on your lunch break
• A sandy spot at a beach
• A welcoming rock to sit on
• The base of a tree
• Near water
• Your deck or backyard
• A window to watch nature

It is also suggested to return to the same place at the same time each day when you can.  This allows you to notice the patterns and routines in nature.

I also love doing this!

Returning to my sit spot at the nature trail I know that at 8:30am I will find one gray egret, two white swans, a team of ducks and a gaggle of geese in the same spots each day.  I also know that they gather late afternoon/early evening in those same spots.

I love visiting at these times and watching nature simply do her thing.  We can learn a lot from the creatures following their internal patterns and routines.

I’ve learned through Ayurveda that when we humans also follow our natural instincts we feel better in our bodies and minds and have more balance in life.

Personally, this practice helps me feel grounded and stable. At 8:30 in the morning, when I am not at the trail, I hear the birds calling me to come visit.  It’s like the birds are my accountability buddies.

Daily routines are amazing and help us feel a sense of peace and presence.

I encourage you to find your sit spots, or maybe let your sit spots find you.  Notice what is inviting you.  Follow the nudge.

Carry a small journal to draw or write on the weather and patterns of nature, or whatever comes up.  It’s simple, free and creates an inspiring connection with our bodies and the world around us.

Be Inspired & Enjoy the Journey!
Pictured Left to Right:  Slide Rock State Park in AZ     Peace Park, Sedona, AZ       Nature Trail in Sauk Centre, MN