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Sedona Spirit Journey: Home

BY Heather Zollman
October 16, 2021

April 29, 2021

Journal entry while on the plane ride home:
We woke up at 4 a.m. to leave sweet Camp Verde, AZ.
What an adventure it was!
The first day was rocky, filled with Bryan’s anxiety, panic about the mountains, heights and being on the road.
I was nervous.  He was scared to ruin the trip with anxiety.
There was a lot of tension.
We both wanted to have a great trip of course and we were coming from it at different angles.
What unfolded was a week of growing, enjoying, experiencing, relaxing, bonding and finding our way together, as we always do.
I dreamed of this journey to Sedona in the midst of my life quake.
I told myself that when I was better, I would go and be among the beauty, spirits, angels and energy of this sacred place.
My eyes welled up as our plane touched down amongst the rock, dirt and palm trees.
I made this happen.
Me and God.
I didn’t realize at that moment, that this was the ending of a season and the beginning of another.
I feel with all of my heart the feeling of moving forward in hope and radiance, vibrant health and letting go of that which I was hanging on to.
Being kinder to myself.  I
realized in my clearing with Rahelio that I am my harshest critic.
I am at a much higher weight than I am used to and it is hard for me.
I haven’t felt like myself for a while, but the thing is…it IS me, just in a different season.
All seasons are me.
Growing and changing, renewing and learning.  

Bryan and I picked cards every day from the Animal Spirit card deck and the Native American Spirit deck I bought in Sedona.
I wasn’t sure if he’d be open to it, but he was!
I witnessed him soften and become lighter, opening to the beauty that is all around him.
We talked about the cads daily and loved that time together.
We shared with each other, laughed and I cried.
It was beautiful!
The cards are POWERFUL! And bring focus, clarity, vision and gratitude.

In the end, it wasn’t just MY spirit journey.  It was OUR spirit journey…together.
I am so grateful for this time together and the beautiful energy and spirit felt in Sedona and EVERYWHERE we went on this AZ trip.
Was it what I had expected?  Yes.
And so much more!
Sedona is magical.
The land speaks.
The spirits of those that came before us remain in beautiful ways.
Nature embraces and teaches there as it does everywhere.
What makes Sedona magical?
The land, the people, Great Spirit, Grandfather Sky, Grandmother Earth, the vortexes all around, the stories and the lessons it holds,
The whispers in the wind reminding us all of where we have been, where we are and where we are going.
The most important piece…

Being OPEN to the magic of it all.

You take and bring back from Sedona what you put into it.
It’s an energy exchange.
A piece of Sedona comes back with me in my heart for always and I left pieces of me there, shedding what wasn’t needed.
Gratitude for all of it.
The beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.
My eyes saw the beauty…and will never forget.
This place will always live close to my heart.

The End…and the beginning of a TRANSFORMATION and a twist I did not see coming...