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Sedona Spirit Journey: Transform

BY Heather Zollman
October 16, 2021

April 30, 2021

Journal entry the day after returning home.

While in meditation on the rocks with Rahelio, he said to see what animals came in, if any. 
When he said that, I saw a raccoon, a dove and a butterfly. 
The dove and the butterfly I understood.  The raccoon puzzled me. 
On my walk this morning, my mind returned to the raccoon. 
I wondered if the there was a raccoon in the Animal Spirit card deck. 
When I returned to the house, I asked Bryan if he wanted to pull cards. 
We did. 
Guess what?  I got the raccoon! 
So yep, there is a raccoon card.
Friends, I use these cards with people in classes and in personal sessions in my yoga studio and no one ever got this card.
My first thought was…of course I got it. 
The card speaks about unmasking yourself to the world and doing your art, your craft. 
The Universe is so funny and awesome!

I started the Hormone Reset Diet the day after returning home. 
It helped me learn a lot about myself and my relationship to food…including how my mind wraps itself up around it, triggers and beliefs. 
I felt a transformation that started within and worked its way out and around me. 
I shed 25 pounds (not just in the 21 days, but over time.)  I felt myself embrace this new season of moving into the next season of Heather. 
Before and during the trip I felt sluggish and in pain. 
Within the transforming I found that I moved more fluidly. 
I have found it to be true, that when I feel better physically, everything else flows better.

My 16-year-old daughter and I auditioned for the musical Grease a few weeks after returning home from Sedona. 
I said I would if she wanted to, as something we could do together. 
She decided the day before tryouts that she wanted to do it. 
I almost didn’t, but I wanted to hang out with her, so off we went. 
I was the only person there that was not in high school or college. 
I could be mom to every person auditioning. 
Sure that if I did get a part, it would be the old lady principal, I called the morning after auditions to see what parts we got. 
I got the part of Sandy and my daughter was in the chorus. 
I won’t say here what my mind actually said, but I will rephrase it to…WHAT!?!?!?!?  Sandy!?!?!  Ummm…I am 43 years old. 
I am going to stick out like a sore thumb! 
I will look like a joke! 
I almost didn’t do it.  I thought there is no way I am going to pull that off! 
But I stuck in.  And had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!! 
Turns out acting like a goodie goodie that transforms into a confident woman that dances around in leather pants and coat while smoking a fake cigarette is good for a 43-year-old ladies' soul!
It challenged me a crazy amount! 
I doubted myself and worked through it.  Got sick and let myself rest.

I couldn’t talk the week before the show let alone sing. 
I shocked my daughter when I walked out for the first time in leather pants (the look of horror is burned into my memory!).  And…had the time of my life! 
When I got out of my head the week of performances and let myself own the part…let's just say, we could have had no one show up or 500 people in the audience, it didn’t matter. 
I WAS Sandy Dumbrowski that week. 
And I loved it! 
Turns out, being around high school and college kids is also good for the soul

Journal entry 7/7/21…

I read through entries from Sedona today. 
As I read about seeing a raccoon, dove and butterfly while in meditation with Rahelio, this thought came to me. 
I was puzzled about the raccoon until now. 
In “Grease” the mascot is a “ringtail” which is a raccoon! 
Of course it is! 
The raccoon spirit symbolizes doing your art/your craft and unmasking yourself to the world!  

And my friend…I did. 
Me, a post-menopausal, mom of 3 from age 12-20 (yes, my sons were horrified at the leather pants and me kissing a Danny half my age on stage) who was feeling old, not great physically and a little hopeless with hormonal shifts played the part of an 18-year-old.  I felt pure joy when I got over myself.

It is always possible. 
It’s mindset and intention with what you are dealt in each season of your life. 
I have many more seasons ahead of me as you do my friend. 
Let’s keep transforming, be curious about life and enjoy the journey!

Peace & Love,