Sedona Spirit Journey: Signs

BY Heather Zollman
September 23, 2021

April 25, 2021

We were now in the groove of this magical place. 
We realized that the best way to experience as much as possible throughout the days, was to wake up early and get on the road before most would be heading into Sedona. 
By early I mean get up at 4:30am-ish and out the door. 
Friends, it was so worth it! 
We got ready for the day and off we went. 
It was now normal to see the VW vans randomly parked in fields, occupied by fun, hippie wanderers no doubt. 
I had the day mapped out…Bell Rock, Airport Loop and Slide Rock State Park.

We arrived at Bell Rock as the sun came up. 
I had read about this beautiful red rock, shaped like a bell and the powerful energy she held. 
The mix of the brisk air and quiet with just a few other people around was in a word PEACE. 
As we approached the base of the Bell, I noticed the most beautiful, sweet little Juniper tree that looked like it was waiting for me to hug it and climb into it. 
So I did!
I was right.  It hugged me as I laid back in the branches. 
Pausing to close my eyes in these places, breathe and feel were extremely powerful. 
It’s in the pause where we allow energy to be felt and take notice of how we are feeling in the moment. 
(A great lesson on and off the mat.) 
Putting my hands on the rock formations, the trees, the ground, anything to feel the energy and vibration coming from these pieces of nature to me was…well, indescribable…I actually cannot find the right word. 
The peace felt at this positive vortex is worth the trip to Sedona all by itself.
And yet, there was more to explore…

Next, we traveled up to Airport Loop. 
There was a bit more traffic, a few more people since it was now when more people were actually awake. 
It is so beautiful how every rock formation, trail and area has a totally different vibe. 
I would say Bell Rock is PEACE.  Airport Loop is AWE.  My journal entry on Airport Loop…

Unbelievable.  The view, the energy, the people. 
The juniper trees are magical. 
I climbed to the top point of the lookout and sat for a while. 
Bryan waited patiently for me at the bottom. 
As I came up, all of the people left the point. 
It was me with the magical view and energy. 
A little song-bird was not far away singing its beautiful melody. 
I closed my eyes to take in the sound and feel. 
I heard the song come closer. 
I opened my eyes to see where the little friend was and he was right next to my leg! 
Any closer and he would be sitting on my lap. 
I looked down, he looked at me and we smiled at each other. 
The bird sang, circled around me and went back to its spot. 
Spirit angel. 
Love in a song-bird. 
Thank you Universe. 
I stayed for a while and allowed my senses to take in the energy of the moment in all forms…smell, taste, feel, sound.  

As I left the point, a crowd of people came climbing up the stairs to be where I had been. 
It was like the Universe and nature combined to give me that moment. 
Just me and my little song friend. 
Angels and spirits come through nature friends!

Next, we traveled to Slide Rock State Park. 
It felt like it must be 6 o’clock at night and it was only about 10:00am at this point! 
I love the feeling of having the whole day ahead of us! 
I am not afraid of heights, but there were definitely roads on this adventure that made me think otherwise! 
The trek to Slide Rock was one of those stretches. 
We found a parking space right away, which we learned later was a rarity.  (Another perk of starting out early.) 
The park is nestled amidst some of the tallest pines I had ever seen! 
We stopped at a picnic table to pull animal spirit cards and so I could journal a bit. 
There was a hippie couple practicing yoga to some fun, funky music and of course they floated out of a VW van! 
Love it!
We made our way down the path to Slide Rock. 
It was a similar feeling to when we entered the Chocola Tree Garden…like we had entered another type of world! 
This was the coolest spot ever!!! 
Families and people everywhere lounging on flat rocks, kids playing in the cool water and people going down the rocks on floaties, or without (ouch!) 
The beautiful turquoise water pops up in cracks between the rocks. 
This is where people swim and play. 
It is so freaking cool!!! 
At one point Bryan said he wanted to rest.  In no time, he fell asleep. 
I was getting restless to explore more after about 10 minutes. 
I nudged him and he woke with a start (and maybe a little drool…a sign of a great cat nap). 
He looked a little spooked.  He described a dream, no more like a vision that he had while asleep. 
He said that out of nowhere an Indian woman appeared and reached into his chest. 
She grabbed for something. 
She removed her hand and brought it back behind her. 
As she did, many tiny hearts flew away. 
Right away he asked, “What do you think it means? 
What do you think Rahelio would think of it?” 
I smiled and giggled at his excitement. 
It was obviously a message. 
We walked along the water and came to a spot sprinkled with pretty rocks, so of course I stopped to pick some. 
As I was picking, Bryan said, “Heather look.” 
There was a yellow and black butterfly sitting right next to my foot. 
I said hello to it and sat with it. 
I think we sat there together for at least 15 minutes. 
It reminded me of the bird at Airport Loop Earlier that morning and the Juniper tree at Bell Rock. 
They all offered messages. 
Nature is brilliant. 
I said goodbye to the butterfly and we made our way to the historic information on the park, then to the car. 
Slide Rock State Park…MAGIC.

A friend of mine told me that there are usually Navajo Women selling jewelry and other handmade treasures along the way home from here and I was so excited to see that that was the case this day! 
Turquoise is one of my favorite rocks. 
It reminds me of sitting on my grandma’s bed with her, going through her jewelry as a child. 
She had the coolest finds from her travels and many of the items were made with turquoise. 
I hoped to find something that tugged at my heart here at a stand. 
As we made our way to the stands, I spoke to my mom. 
She asked what we were doing that day. 
I told her we were at Slide Rock State Park and she replied with “No Way! 
That was the first place you ever went on a picnic as a little girl!” 
We went with my grandpa who was living in Arizona at the time. 
It hit me with a definitive knowing…the butterfly was connected to my grandpa. 
I told her the story and she 100 percent agreed.
Every time my mom sees a butterfly she says it’s an ancestor spirit visiting us. 
I agree. 
We had a fabulous time chatting with the artists that brought their work and of course found some goodies to bring home, including dream catchers for the family. 
I got a bracelet made out of Juniper seeds with a tiny turquoise butterfly on it. 
The perfect, simple reminder of this place, my time with Bryan, my mom and grandpa and the trees I love so much. 
We ended the day with tea and a fire on our deck.

This was the most perfect day. 
So grateful. 
More fun to come tomorrow with a visit to an old thriving mining town, turned ghost town, turned tourist attraction that sits at the very pointy peak in a town nearby.
Also, a  historic castle/apartment/town built into the rock surrounded by another new favorite tree of mine…the Sycamore Tree.  On to the next adventure…