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Sedona Spirit Journey: Shed

BY Heather Zollman
October 15, 2021

April 28, 2021

Our last full day in Sedona. 
What a wonderful week it had been! 
Full of emotions, spirit, laughs, awe, beauty and memories to bring back with us. 
It was sad to think about leaving, and also, we were excited to see our children. 
We rose early to find a view of the sunset. 
It is a gift we give ourselves when we rise with the sun and have the whole day ahead of us…in sync with nature! 
We found it at Fort Verde State Park, not far from our little cabin. 
We watched the colors form in the sky in the historic monument and decided we would come back later to explore the tiny museum which we did. 
Coffee was in order of course so we traveled to the nearest coffee shop that we hadn’t been to yet. 
Oh my goodness! 
We found the sweetest place called Thanks A Latte’
I talked with the new young, woman owner and found her to be adorable and friendly. 
What a joy that little place is! 
Listening to people’s stories and how they came to be where they are is a gift! 
Then off to explore the town of Camp Verde.  We wanted to have a chill last day. 
Journal Entry…

We went to a couple of shops in Camp Verde after coffee. 
First an antique/pawn/jewelry store. 
I immediately found a blue, flowery beaded bracelet and after some looking around…a turquoise ring on the front counter. 
The owner was a big, burly guy. 
He first put the bracelet on me…perfect fit. 
When I saw the heart-shaped turquoise ring wrapped in silver I FELL IN LOVE! 
Bryan bought it for me for Mother’s Day which was the next week.
If this ring was the only thing I purchased on the trip, I would have been happy! 
It perfectly encompasses the feeling of the trip for me. 
Pure LOVE. 
It fit snug enough to fit perfectly! 
It is turquoise and reminds me of my grandma and is BEAUTIFUL!

When we would visit back home in upstate New York, I would sit on grandma's bed and she would show me all of her cool, weird jewelry…mostly turquoise. 
I love having things around me that remind me of places I’ve been to. 
Experiences, adventures. 
The practice of gathering rocks and nature elements to bring back brings so much joy! 
I have momentos like this all around the house and studio…especially at the entrances. 
It reminds us that we don’t have to lose the feeling when the adventure is over. 
We can smell an oil, hold a rock, wear a piece of jewelry, read journal entries, look at pictures, listen to music…to allow ourselves to feel the feelings created in the places we visit!  It’s a beautiful thing!

Next we stopped at a sweet little shop next door to the ring find that sold antiques and different unique items. 
I found a dragonfly necklace, a Buddha for Sydney and a mini owl for a friend. 
The owner (super awesome) said that a man was shot and killed in the small space right in front of the fireplace behind us. 
They hung the shooter in the street. 
He had original pictures of the story. 
Think…Old West cowboy scenario. 
So interesting! 
So much history! 
We got a sandwich to split at home and relax.
I laid in the sun for a couple of hours while Bryan took a nap. 
I felt pretty “blah” physically. 
Constipated, bloated, heavy. 
I read the Hormone Reset Diet while lying in the sun.  

A friend of mine recommended it after I mentioned that I had been feeling not myself physically and had a hunch that it was related to hormones.  It arrived at our house the day before we left on the trip. 
Of course it did;)

Bryan went into town to buy salmon for dinner. 
I meant to leave right after that for a walk. 
Instead, I researched more on menopause. 
I messaged a friend of mine who is also in the health world as a teacher. 
I told her I was so frustrated with my current weight, thyroid and hormone situation. 
I joined a couple of menopause support groups on Facebook. 
I decided to step away from the self-pity party and finally go for that walk. 
While on my walk, it dawned on me to get an app on my phone to count my steps and distance.  

I am not the person who wears any devices to measure things.  I always have gone on what things feel like. 
I had been on a healing journey in the last many months and had to change how I moved my body to allow it to heal. 
I continued going in a big circle around the campground and on the wooded trail along the creek many, many times. 
As I did, I couldn’t stop from smiling! 
I kept picking up the pace. 
I realized things and had many aha moments on that 45-minute walk around and around. 
Which by the way, I never came upon any other people. 
This was divine intervention (As tears and smiling were happening) because there were always people walking these routes! 

I realized…

  • It is time for me to return to picking up the pace.
  • My feet didn’t hurt.
  • I couldn’t stop smiling!
  • My body had been craving this!
  • My hips felt lighter and felt like the walk was shedding stress from them.
  • I am moving into a new phase/season in my life.
  • I feel that changes will be made on this Hormone Reset Diet and returning to longer, faster walking and after that if improvements aren’t felt, I will seek help.

I was so excited about these realizations that I went in to tell Bryan right away! 
He is the best and always listens to my………… (he listens to a lot of stories and realizations).  I am blessed to walk life with him

This was the beginning of a new journey.

I shed a lot in the week we were in Sedona. 
I left pieces of myself there, things that needed to be shed to move on and grow. 
In yoga classes I lead, we shake, breathe, move, smile, laugh, maybe cry. 
This is another form of shedding. 
I then guide my students with…now breathe into the space you’ve created in your body and mind new life, new energy. 
This is what I felt like coming through this journey. 
I left parts of myself in Sedona. 
I also brought Sedona back with me through the breathing in the feeling, the moments, the stories, nature, the energy, the joy, the peace. 
It was time to go HOME.