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Stepping into the Light

BY Heather Zollman
June 2, 2020

As I write this, I am nestled in, leaning into my favorite tree overlooking the lake in our small town. Feet buried in the sand.  The water is shiny like shimmering diamond specks. My son and his friend are sliding, swimming, swinging, climbing, giggling...BLISS. As I was in conversation with a friend, I traced swirls in the sand with my finger. Smoothe it out, trace again. My oldest son graduated from high school this weekend. The world is in turmoil, riots, viruses, my son is moving into a new chapter in life and I am feeling...PEACE. There is fiery hell happening not too far down the road. Life is changing every moment, but still...PEACE. Is this selfish or naive to think? My first reaction is guilt for the feeling. Does that mean I lack empathy? No. And here is why...
We can be compassionate and still feel JOY
We can be fearful and still be SAFE
We can be empathetic and still feel GRATITUDE
There is so much darkness coming to the surface in this moment. But here is the HOPE friends...LOVE, PEACE and LIGHT will overcome. I feel it in the depths of my soul. I feel it in my heart, in my gut, in my bones. We are going to be okay, and eventually...more than okay. But this will not happen without work on our part! What can you do, you ask? How will any of these things resolve? How does the good win? If we are not police, military, medical workers, store employees what do WE do?
 Well friends, you shine your light. You do the things that create little tiny bits of peace in your being and you let peace shine through you so brightly that people have to squint when they look at you. Does that mean you are bright and cheery every moment of the day? Uh, no. We are human. But here's the deal, we are being called to raise the vibration friends...like NOW! What I have noticed and feel is that when people are not used to the higher vibrations, they push back. They panic. They don't know what to do in that energy. What do we do in those moments? We shine brighter. We pause. We wake up in the morning and ask God and the Universe to work through us for the highest good of all. We lift people up. We choose to spend our energy on the good. We take what we've learned from this universal pause, the "slow down" and we incorporate them into our lives as we ease, not jump back into our new normal. We focus on the heart chakra filling it with so much light that it busts through us and out into the world. When we feel fear...go into the allowing. You can be in survival mode and ALLOW simultaneously. All of this is practice. And we HAVE to step up and do it. Step into and radiate your light! We are being called now more than ever. Light will win. Love is everything. Be the change you want to see in the world...NOW IS THE TIME!