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Stepping into the Light

BY Heather Zollman
June 12, 2020

I walk by this little group of trees often on my walks.  I am always drawn to the tree that is curved.  The one that doesn't quite fit the mold of the rest of the group.  It makes me think of people.  Have you ever felt like the one in the group that doesn't quite fit the mold of the "rest"?  The one that doesn't follow the "norm"?  If yes, then I am with you!  At times, it feels like it would be easier to follow the group or stay inside of the lines that are set.  I am here to tell you...keep your curve!  Stay true to who you are and your gut.  That nudge inside of you that is telling you to go a different way or do things differently, that's your truth.  It may be uncomfortable, but in the end it's right.  And look, notice how the sun is shining more brightly on the one that stands out?  Hmmm.  Have a beautiful day to all of you trees...I mean peeps!  Especially the curved ones;)